Zippo Lighter

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  1. Simple, sleek and shiny, this pocket-sized accessory is a must for any serious smoker. With a flick of a wrist, or a double side-swipe off a pant leg, the flip top lid pops up, effortlessly producing a small flame (this trick is cooler than smoke rings).

  2. I have never owned a zippo lighter and had not known about it until I started smoking. But I’ve heard of it, not for its name but for the undeniable *click* that we now perceive as the sound of turning off a lighter

  3. When Zippo can make an iPhone application, that will let you Light your virtual Zippo with the practiced move, well… sort of elegant. You even hear the distinctive sound of the flip lid and it’s springs from the iPhone. Certain sounds invoke memories, the sound of a Zippo can bring back the smooth feel in the palm of your hand. Nice.

  4. Nothing too bad I can think of about Zippos. Well, besides the fact that I would only really use them for smoking cigarettes (isn’t it a no no to use them on cigars?) and I quit that nastiness years ago. They are quintessentially cool. Although maybe flicking them a lot is sorta like how the fidgeting habits of others (or cell phone ring tones) are annoyingly anti-social bad, but it is OK if I do them instead (tho my cell phone is mostly always on silent/vibrate).

    (Word of advice: insure them when sending them back to the factory for fixing since the ones I sent I guess got stolen in the mail since people like them so much?)

  5. The status symbol of rebellious teenage smokers everywhere. If you had a Zippo, you were cool. Even as a nonsmoker, I was compelled to learn a few of the quick-wristed tricks to open, light and close the lighter in an oh-so-cool way, sure to impress your friends!

  6. Bogart, Victor Mature, Robert DeNiro … Zippos have had “product placement” in over 1,000 films, too bad smoking went to the dark (lung) side …

    “Repurpose” is in vogue. Carry a Zippo until designers come up with a pocket document shredder.

  7. I have smoked for more than 50 years and I bought my first Zippo back in the fifties. I have owned probably a dozen or fifteen of ’em. I love them for their simplicity of design, the classic beauty of the styling, but most of all because they always work. They will function perfectly in a hurricane (I know, I’ve used one during a hurricane. Windspeed was about 85 or 90 MPH). There are about 20 tricks you can do with it, and, at one time, I knew them all.

    BTW, the model pictured is a repro of the original model, first made in the twenties. All current models have the hinge welded inside the case instead of soldered to the outside, as above.

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