Coca-Cola Glass Bottle

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  1. For some reason people associate R. Lowey with the design, but they are wrong. I read that the bottle was to be designed so that any broken part of one on the ground would be instantly associated with Coka-Cola. This was 1905 – long before green was in.

  2. i like the simplicity of this bottle. the design does not seem to have come from any market research or desired user’s emotional responce.
    the design seems to be inspired from the manufacturing process and the desire to create a simple and durable form.

  3. Few symbols have the recognition factor of the classic Coke bottle. Love it for the strength and simplicity of its design. Hate it for the gut rot that it holds, which has done more than it’s fair share of damage to this particular consumer’s teeth. Now, all this talk has got me quite parched… I could kill a Coke right now.

  4. The pure aesthetics and cultural symbol of the bottle makes us forget how little product we actually receive in comparison to what we pay for novelty.

  5. the story goes that the designers (not Loewy) wanted to create a bottle that resembled a cola-nut, but unfortunately in the encyclopedia where they looked there was a wrong picture published next to the cola nut, that of a cacao nut! since then the coca-cola bottle resembles a cacaonut…and some dirty minds say it resembles the outlines of a feminin body…

  6. Can a drink – a recipe – taste better in one container then another?
    This bottle makes Coke taste better…
    Perception – Probably.
    Iconic – Certainly.
    But the pure touch of “glass to lip” makes a difference.
    Not any glass – the perfectly designed receptacle that objectifies its content in a sensorial way.
    It’s not only about drinking when Coke is in a glass bottle.
    It’s a holistic experience – anticipatory – delicious – memorable.
    The world feels in place….
    Like the drink is at home in the bottle.

  7. I always liked the coke in a glass bottle more then in plastic bottles; this has (I think) nothing to do with the material but with production process; they fill the bottles with a kind of pasta and then they add the soda water; since the volume in plastic bottles or the small glass ones are not the same it could be that an exact equal proportion between the coke and sodawater is not possible in both bottles and therefor the one in the glass bottle tastes better (since it was better proportionised)

  8. Disposing the glass safely was the problem. Back in the days, before the whole recycling thing gained momentum, it was a common thing for families to dump this in with other items into the plain old plastic garbage bag for disposal. Now a broken glass in these bags could easily tear the surface of the bag and stick out.

    Hey, the coca-cola bottle has been used in umpteen Asian movies as a weapon of choice. 🙂

  9. I’ve drank from the classic glass coke bottle many times–so many, you might call me an expert. I can say with utmost certainty that it is well designed for its purpose.

    Sipping is enjoyable, and can be done when while walking, driving, or riding a camel…whatever your thing is. The glug of pouring out of this bottle is unmistakably Classic Coca Cola. The glass shape allows you to enjoy the full array of colors from the caramel inside (back in my day, that’s what made it brown). The glass also keeps cold quite a while, drawing moisture from the air to make perfect beads of condensation — ideal for wiping your fingers with the little napkin that the vendor hands you. Oooh, and the little ghost of Co2 that escapes when you open the bottle…have you ever tried sniffing it? It tickles your inner nostrils.

    So, the mighty coke bottle appeals to all senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell.

    I love coke.

  10. Carbon-ated footprint is attrocious. Atlanta HQ should be made to file an Environmental Impact Statement with the EPA. Transporting water in glass will one day be looked upon as utter stupidity and the type of thinking that is causing mass extinctions on the planet. Connect the bottle caps, people! [Dentists will hate me.]

    Where’s my “Fizzies”?

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