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  1. For years I owned flashlights that were pieces of junk. You never knew if they were going to work or not. You’d have to shake them and coerce them to turn on, if they came on at all. Then I got a Maglite. Not only does it work every time, but it has a bright, focusable light and is easy to use.

  2. The police kill people with this flashlight. I was to figure out a way to make it out of plastic and make it less lethal.

  3. Many things about the Maglite are good: it’s solid, dependable, bright, has a spare bulb in the case. Still, at least one in every three times I use one, I screw off the bulb end trying to turn it on. G. r.

  4. Last summer while camping in the Olympic Rainforest I saw the light. My son and his family were ensconced in near luxury with their giant tent and practically every imaginable camping gadget and requisite toy you could wish for. I staked my humble tent nearby and at the end of each day we’d gather at the campfire. It was then that I discovered the secret to being a cool grandma — a mini Maglite. No trip to forage for wood, or to the restrooms in the dark of the night was complete without granny’s little flashlight.

  5. I have a few of the Mini Mags in various places. Even in my bike bag where it can double as a headlight. I like that the switch and the focus are the same control.

  6. These flashlights are very reliable, and they hold up well to being tossed around in backpacks and dropped on tent floors. My family has at least 5 of these around the house. I keep finding at least one stuffed under my daughter’s pillow — she knows they’re bright enough to read in bed at night when she should be sleeping!

  7. Maglites are the only reliable flashlights I know. I have nailed wood planks with it, kept the lamps in the boat over the winter and they still work. I haven’t even ever needed to change the bulb in them. I have used several size Maglites and do not have any complaints. Except the metal is pretty cold to your hand. But at the same time it gives the feeling of solidity.

  8. People always tell me that I’m strange for carrying a mini Maglite in the bottom of my pretty little designer purse. So I might not be a “normal” girl… But I don’t think this makes me strange, I think it makes me well-prepared 🙂

    I would never dream of looking at another flashlight than a Maglite. The light is bright and focusable, the power use is efficient (batteries last amazingly long), the construction is solid, they double as weapons and hammers, and they come in an array of sizes and colors. What more could you ask for?

  9. Oh, come on, these things have been completely obsoleted by LED lights. Don’t get me wrong, I have something of a flashlight fetish and so have a good little museum of Maglights at home. But short of needing to beat the hell out of some innocent bystander, or maybe a bear, you’d be better off with some Pelican or Twin Task pocketable thing. I’ve converted some of my AA Maglights over to LEDs — sacrilege, I know.

  10. The Mini with its head as base for a “candlelight” effect was/is not as romantic as proposed … unless Maglite comes up with a flickering low-watt bulb. Otherwise, the 5 “D” cell mama is bedside ready for outages or intruders. A fine quality reliable product.

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