Absolut Vodka Bottle

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  1. I’m more interested in the art in their advertising than the bottle.

    It looks like a lot of Vodka, but the bottle makes you think you can finish it on your own that night. Or maybe it was the day you had that gave you that feeling.

  2. I am not a vodka driker, and I have never purchased a bottle of Absolut.
    Still, I take pleasure in following the art, the image, the advertisements, and the whole story that goes with it.

  3. On the shelf it stands out because of its elegance, despite the lack of actual images and the two prominent, completely opposite fonts that make up most of the bottle

  4. I am sorry, I think there are much nicer bottles out there. 20 yrs in marketing and advertising… it’s nice enough.

  5. While its elegant and clear giving no mysteries to whats inside, I think this design is more for mineral water or likewise, not alcohol.

  6. I once kept this as an object on the mantel. It dually served as a home for my colorful beta fish named Jake. His bright blues and reds matched the design perfectly!

  7. The bottle is both wide and soft, so you don’t feel you grab it well. Added the fact it’s usually frozen (vodka being best kept in a freezer), it’s none of a pleasure to serve Absolut! Sexy object to the eye, but not at all to the hand…

  8. It’s interesting how, with all the clever ads in which the Absolut bottle has appeared, it has taken on a life of its own. It seems a little backwards, but when I see an Absolut bottle on the shelf, I think of the ads. When I see the ads, I’m looking for the punchline or the latest clever way they’ve come up with to form the shape of the bottle. In spite of the fact that it’s certainly not the most groundbreaking bottle or label design on the shelves these days, it still holds up pretty well. It’s in the same vein as the Coca-Cola bottle, where the advertising is done so well that the mere shape of the product’s container becomes so recognizable, you don’t need anything else to know it at a glance.

  9. The printed design definitely helps a consumer find it on the shelf. The story in script is superfluous when all you need to see is bold, blue Absolut Vodka; the name says it all. I do like the long straight neck atop the broad shoulders of the bottle. The clarity of the bottle makes the product seem “pure.”

  10. La botella es linda, el contenido mejor, he bebido la mayoria de los sabores y creemelo es lo mejor!!

  11. It is all relative. Its maximal volume for a round bottle with a minimal neck for pouring efficiency … a consideration in shipping worldwide. Only a square bottle could be more efficient, and something I would like to see one day.

    Its understated, clean lines are no doubt an inspiration to minimalist thinkers … and Google simplicity.

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