Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera

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  1. I have one and i love it. Now i’m not able to use it anymore, because the brand Polaroid it’s over, but i still have it on my room with the same love.
    It’s the only fotograph machine that i’ve created a relation with.
    I like the fact that it’s foldable and that i have the pleasure of seeing the photo immediatly after taking it! You save so much time by doing this!
    All the buttons are really buttons – there is no touch screens ou slide buttons, it’s all very mechanical and it has a magic for that reason.

  2. It communicates its genius. I derive pleasure from occasionally opening and closing it. The patient imagination and engineering evoke higher human powers, perhaps lost to this generation. The Eames film on its develepment is a “must see” for design students.

  3. Clunky and angular, it wasn’t the camera but the photo. Instant gratification but with a touch of artistic flair.

  4. an engineering marvel. takes photographs that look like no other. inner luminance. i have a stock pile of film. will continue using it with dedication.

  5. Charles Eames was commissioned by Dr. Land to make a film about the camera and Charles gave me a prototype to test. I took it on a trip to Morocco and photographed camera shy Berber women and children. when they saw the wonder of the instant photo they wanted so many that I ran out of film. Eames loved this feedback it now resides in my collection of “Good Design”.

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