Chaise Longue LC4

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  1. Have the designers thought about how they’d want the lying person to get off? Looks like it’ll involve some effort, considering the angles. Tell you what, on the bright side, someone may get rock hard abs after 6-8 weeks of usage.

    The headrest may look good on paper, but I have something against such setups. Unless it is very soft, its going to put unneeded tension on the neck.

  2. It is surprisingly close to zero-g anthropometrics. [The joint angularity the human body assumes when relaxed in zero-g.]

    Ingress/egress a bit clumsy and not something I would want to nap in, but an “Ode to Freud” — a great shrinks “couch”.

    I revel in its lines and would like to have one some day, but not the hirsute Holstein cover model. I expect it to protest.

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