Model 302 Telephone

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  1. I remember using this phone. The design made using the product highly intuitive. Aspects of the 302 can be found in modern technology such as the iPhone. Consider if the iPhone was the first phone invented, would you know which end to put up to your ear and which end to speak?

    This was a technology that was highly effective at a point in time when
    most people were not acclimated to personal technology.

    There are many people that should thank the design of this phone for making today’s personal technology even approachable for them.

  2. Beautiful now, but wasn’t it one of those things where everybody got the same thing back then and so the lack of choice kinda sucked? Still, I can’t say the choices we have now are particularly better — I think in the USA at least there is this thing where you get lots of choice, but 99.99% of the things you can choose from ARE CRAP (partly because we all only buy the inexpensive things, and partly because nobody ever makes products e.g. cell phones with decent usability). Presumably the 302 was not so much.

  3. I have one tucked away and a clone on the kitchen counter. Psychologically pure, it rings and gets answered. No buttons to push, no caller I.D. – straight up, honest and frank. We got to the moon using slide rules, Newton, and these phones. Now we’re not sure if we could build a Saturn V if we had to.

  4. @Vlad:

    Actually, I’m sure we could not build a Saturn V rocket, nor another Space Shuttle for that matter.

    Those days are over with, we can however, make much use of smart design that already exists out there.

    The list provided here is a great resource.

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