Faraday Flashlight

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  1. It’s weird to me that you would have to shake the flashlight to get power. There are other ways to get power more suited to flashlights, like a crank perhaps. Considering flashlights are generally used to point in one direction (down a hall, at the fuse box, in the drawer looking for a candle, etc.) it’s not sensible to have to shake the only light source vigorously, leaving the hall, box, or drawer unlit for an untold amount of time. I have a crank-based flashlight. It makes sense to me, and the crank folds away so it won’t break randomly.

  2. Wait. ‘M I bad. Someone just pointed out that this was a one-handed gig, as opposed to the crank version that requires two hands. Maybe this makes sense after all. Maybe you should have two…one in case you have an assistant, one if you don’t.

  3. I don’t know about this particular incarnation. But, I do have a rip-off brand of the same idea, and I have to say that it takes entirely too long to charge it up to anything light useful brightness. I’d waaaaay rather have something that uses two hands to turn a crank box since I expect it would charge up a lot faster. Nice idea, shame about the actual usability. (Of the one I have, dunno if the Faraday is a better implementation of the same idea.)

  4. In the category of staple-less paper staplers. This one is to be used in an emergency (in familiar surroundings) to find batteries for your other flashlight. I’m holding out for a foot-pump powered multi-LED unit.

  5. Not suitable. People needs a flash light an urgent position and if it have not enogh power people can be angry because, you don’t need to action when you need it.

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