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  1. I have been using these little yellow adhesive leaves for as long as i can remember. I avoid them now for the most part. I use them sparingly, they seem so wasteful. They were right for the 80’s – life of excess, even at the office.

  2. Having tried several methods of keeping a to-do list front and center, Post-Its are the only option I’ve found that works for me. Using something computer-based just gets forgotten. But, it’s hard to ignore those little colored squares when they’re stuck to the bottom of your monitor, gently reminding you of the tasks at-hand.

  3. I find them very useful for the possibility of attaching real-life notes to everything from inside a resource book, to the back of my apartment door. I agree with the wastefullness issue, though. That’s why I try to purchase smaller ones, or cut bigger ones into narrower decks.

  4. The only thing better for quick project planning is a large digital white board… and since those are more costly and more wasteful, I’ll stick with these.

  5. My mother tracks her daily tasks at home desk on a series of Post-It notes which she can rearrange and re-write (since she writes in pencil). And she’s been loyal to standard yellow for as long as I can remember.

  6. I use them to mark all the things on my wish list in my catalogs and magazines. Want to buy, want to make, want to read etc. Everything I own has sticky notes, torn into strips, sticking out the top or side.

    It makes finding my likes of projects or gifts I saw and want to get very much easier, especially for a gal who LOVES her catalogs and magazines for entertainment and ideas!

    Enjoy the holidays!

  7. I love that people have used post-it’s to make works of art, like the Donkey Kong display in the windows of an engineering building at UC Santa Cruz.

  8. According to my experience, the sticking power of these things degrade with time. That may be a good thing as you hardly want a messy glue and paper job on your computer or office desk.

    Second point is that they are wasteful since only one side is being used.

    Here’s another more subtle mishap that could happen with the post-it-on. A hurried user could sometimes, in his absent mindedness, find that he infact wrote down on the wrong side of the paper, with the sticky side facing him. That’s a paper gone to waste right there.

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with these little yellow scraps. They’re so great for recording small portions of short-term information (like shopping lists) rather than using a whole sheat of paper. But they seem to support the creation of both visual and mental clutter.

  10. I second the post-it art thing. It is a handy coincidence that the post-it originated in the most pixelated era of the last century, and it offers great oppurtunities for your very own 80’s shrine.
    Hey, I used these for wallpaper in my room. I get treated to the occasional Post-It falling down though, you wouldn’t believe how badly they stick to anything that isn’t perfectly flat.

  11. It’s quicker to write down reminders on a Post-It, whether its short term or long term, than enter it into Outlook or my phone; I also use Post-It’s for design sessions when organizing information for websites; it’s amazingly versatile!!

  12. As a response to a mind numbing office job in art school i created hand made post-it notes out of watercolor paper and spray adhesive. I “installed” them in the office I was working in, much to the chagrin of the office manager. Long story short, it gave me a deep appreciation for the adhesive used on post-it notes–the spray adhesive I was using in my DIY versions was a sticky mess.

  13. I don’t know what User Experience people would do without post-it notes – there’s nothing better for organising research findings, issues or ideas. Great for any consultant running any sort of collaborative exercise. Just get people to write down their own thoughts or ideas, so that everyone has a voice.

    Yes, they are potentially a waste and nothing digital comes close in my mind, but the world is probably a better place having the Post-it as a tool for designers and consultants alike.

  14. It is a fabulous product in every way. In the “user experience” analysis, it also includes a “go ahead and rip me off” negative emotional aspect as to pricing since 3M uses it as a profit-center with no competitors. It could easily be 1/3 the cost and still offer superb margins. Whatever the market can bear writ large. Caveat emptor and all that free-enterprise stuff …

  15. Doesn’t every designer and engineer know that black or blue lettering against a yellow background has the highest readability factor? And here we have a small yellow canvas waiting to be marked in my black or blue ballpoint pen. Surely it will stand out on my cluttered desk.

  16. Its Easy to use without use of electricity. The best thing is, it can be pasted anywhere as per conveneince. I use it during thought mapping and Brain storming exercise whenever there is.
    But one thought which make me feel not good: As Paper it can be recycled, but lots of use is again a threat for earth’s green health.

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