Dyson DC15 Vacuum Cleaner

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  1. Dyson always make such a big deal about the super suction of their vacuum cleaners… having owned one I can honestly say they suck.

  2. If Dyson sponsored me to clean my house, I’d accept this gizmo. For the same amount of money this costs, I guess I could have a complete home entertainment center for myself.

  3. I coerced my girlfriend into buying a Dyson vacuum-cleaner, because I was so much appealed by the story I heard of how James Dyson developed the product through hundreds of prototypes, only to be turned down by the ‘traditional’ vacuum-cleaner moguls… and then to emerge as an entrepreneur/innovator. And I liked its radical design of course.
    And now I’m using it. So, do I like it? Well, for one I like the fact that I don’t have to buy any vacuum-cleaner bags. That’s one less hassle, one less thing I have to think about in the supermarket. And indeed as Dyson points out: it doesn’t lose suction power as the dirt reservoir fills up. On the other hand: it doesn’t have so much suction power to begin with; less than a traditional vacuum-cleaner has with an empty bag. This was something that prompted some sarcastic remarks about ‘designer vacuum-cleaner’ from my girlfriend.

  4. I have had the Dyson for 2+ years and it has been both durable and reliable. I have had no noticeable decrease in suction, no mechanical problems and no routine part replacements. I use it routinely to clean our house which includes 3 kids, 2 cats and a variety of flooring (1/3 tile, 1/3 carpet & 1/3 rugs). I also used it extensively during a 9-month remodel (abundant sawdust and other debris).
    It maneuvers very well for a full size vacuum, has easy to use hand tools and well placed controls. The automatic floor height functionality works seamlessly on a variety of flooring. Finally, there is no “dusty” smell exhaust and it is very easy to dispose of waste with no accidental waste spillage.
    A few enhancements that I would recommend would include; (1) a blinking light indicator when waste is near maximum level (2) an optional wheel lock mechanism when using hand tools (3) a delicate suction mode for delicate flooring such as rugs and (4) a better holding mechanism for hand tools.
    I will certainly buy another Dyson if and when my Dyson dies.

  5. Seriously, for the money, find a used Kerby or Rainbow. You’re paying for a gimmick and a solution that barely has a problem. Even my crappiest vacuum I’ve ever had still had enough suction to pack the bag full and beyond. My mom has had a rainbow since, I think, 1982 or 3 and it is still a trooper. I got a Rainbow that was passed down from my grandma because she started using something lighter. Yeah, they might cost a lot even used, but they last forever and you’re not paying for some silly ball.

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  7. I used to own one of these Dyson machines, years ago. I thought it funny to see the comments above about it. At the time it was a great machine, but not now. Things have moved on a lot since then.

    As Alexander Lloyd commented: “having owned one I can honestly say they suck” Haha.

    Still, Dyson make a good machine but there are other good competitors out there too. GTech are a good British company and make an excellent machine.


  8. Everyone want a home without dirt and expect a healthy environment that will enrich sound health for every member of the family. The dyson dc15 is an awesome cleaner for overall home. Thanks for nice sharing.

  9. The Dyson DC15 is the original Ball and really the base for their current lineup. It was an innovation in the industry with its’ ability to clean and its’ maneuverability around furniture in your home. Really was a great model.

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