Arne Jacobsen Flatware

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  1. These flatware items look perfect for a silly Halloween dinner party or something likewise.

    The spoons look like they were made to take cough syrup.

    And the forks are ugly as hell, infact they look like cuticle removers!

  2. I had developed a love for this Jacobsen flatware set long before I ever knew what industrial design was (seemingly a foreign time now that it is my profession). My grandmother, someone I always envied for her timeless style, owned this set and it remains a strong visual memory of my childhood. I was amazed by these somewhat foreign objects that were so unlike anything else of their kind. Forks and knives simply did NOT look like this… Only after many years and a specified education did I realize that this was my earliest experience of appreciating a _design_ rather than just an interesting set of objects. What I find so intriguing about this set is the level of understanding of the true nature of each individual element. While some may say that the tines of the fork are too small and the spoons are too shallow, the truth is that these objects are so intimately understood, so minimal, that they are each the bare minimum of what is necessary to define each as “Fork” “Knife” and “Spoon”. No flourishes necessary, just pure design. And, despite apparent disbelief, they are perfectly functional.

  3. Surgical dissection tools never looked better. Thanksgiving would never be the same … on the Concorde(SST)? Yes!

    Ward Bennett’s “Double Helix” links over to Russel Wright’s “Pinch” — my perennial favorite. Otherwise, a spork and a straw.

  4. We have used this flatware for over 45 years and have never found a more beautiful, utilitarian product. Most flatware is over designed with too much detail, hard to clean and less functional. A winner.

  5. This flatware has been our daily use goods since 1974. The design and balance is perfect, a real pleasure to use. Just now ordering 8 new steak knives.

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