Balans Variable Stool

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  1. You were to put your knees on the lower part and sit. It was supposed to be a breakthrough in human factors for sitting. It wasn’t.

  2. I first saw one of these at a friend’s house and failed miserably trying to use it. Once I’d been shown how to use it, I couldn’t believe that knee support had been valued over back support. In my opinion, an over-thought failure.

  3. At first sight, this looks very kiddish, cute..maybe even silly to me. Perhaps it would be appropriate as furniture for a kids room.

    However, its not very intuitive to use. A first time user may be scrambling to find a way to sit, unless an image of a person sitting is provided on the packaging. I myself didn’t know how this worked until I Googgled an actual Balan chair being used.

    Also, is there a weight limit on this chair? An overweight person might bring this thing to its knees, with regards to the bending forces on the seat stem. I guess then they’ll really call it a Break-Through, huh?

  4. Only works well if you’re wearing Earth Shoes or Birks, hemp clothing or a Tilly hat, and have had Tofu in the last 24 hours.

    However, its great for sex — its real purpose.

  5. Although the chair shifts the gravity to the knees/shins rather than the buttocks, it requires a great deal of lower back strength to sit upright or lean over a desk. I wouldn’t recommend sitting in this chair for a long period of time if you’re new to this type of chair. I learned this the hard way when I borrowed one from a friend. The following day my neck and back were extremely stiff and sore.

  6. The only reason one could become sore from sitting in this chair is if you are EXTREMELY out of shape. I sit in one everyday and it is the most comfortable chair around. “Back Support” is such a moot point, the kneeling chair aligns the spine correctly (as if you are standing) and provides and open hip angle which promotes deeper breathing and better blood flow… If anyone thinks this chair isn’t comfortable there is something wrong with them and they are obviously uneducated in the field of ergonomics. Having a stupid pillow prop up your lower lumbar doesn’t do anything…

  7. As I saw it, I already knew how to use it, because it was exactly what I was looking for – a chair that can replace the fit-ball, which delivers the best way to sit for longer period of time in the correct position for your spine.

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