KAHLA Touch! Cup and Saucer

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  1. A recent convert to the world of teas, I do not arrive with any tradition-based prejudices, and can only profess naive notions of the ideal tea cup. That said, the KAHLA Touch! fails to inspire. Primarily, it lacks a handle. Granted, it’s familiar to picture tea drinkers huddled with two-hands lovingly cupping their mugs, warming their hands and inhaling the herby aroma before daintily taking a sip. But when I’m not actually shooting a commercial, I just grab a cup by the handle and drink. If I have to use two hands, I call it a bowl. One might be willing to overlook this were the design particularly revolutionary, but simply applying a new manufacturing technique to an old tool and removing one of its core functional elements does not constitute revolutionary design. So, I guess call me a traditionalist — I’ll stick with my handled mug.

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