Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

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  1. WOW, my husband has had this for 7 months. It is now broken. He has cried every day about how horrid it is NOT having his jawbone! You cannot tell in any way that he is on it. It sounds BETTER than when he is on the real phone.

    The ear piece can be confusing because it is so confortable. There are several in the package you get, some are for the right and some are for the left ears. Hard to tell which one is what, until you try them on.

    Once you have found the correct ear, and have the correct size, you can feel nothing hanging on your ear. He has no idea if it is on or not without reaching to his ear with his hand to feel for it.

    It was broken while it was in a pocket. Not a recommended storage place! We will be replacing!

    Good luck,

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