XO Laptop


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  1. “Little green ears” is immediately engaging and attractive. People want to use it whenever they see it. But it sits unused in our house, for three reasons: 1. we’re in the UK, so there aren’t any others anywhere near. That’s our fault for importing it.
    2. It’s really my husband’s laptop and he wants to use it for specific things that it won’t do, like play BBC radio programs.
    3. There aren’t any children in the house, and that’s who it’s aimed at.

  2. Wow. So many supposedly good intentions which seemed to somehow end up being seriously derailed and lame and ineffective. Was it the politics? Was it Negroponte falling into some justify-the-cognitive-dissonance thing? Was it just wrong to think that anybody should be given a computer when what they really need is water and food? Or that the distribution channels which already thwart the attempts to give them water and food would somehow not screw up the distribution of the computer, too?

  3. As a member of the Danish “Index”jury, we gave this a 100,000 euro prize. I think it was well deserved.

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