POM Juice Bottle

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  1. The design alone made me but one of these. I didn’t even want any pomegranate juice.

    It helped that the typography is in keeping with the shape of the bottle.

  2. Like the Venus of Willendorf filled with blood and life. Appropriately so, the Pomegranate gives a great vitality and represents life in so many ways… filled with seed, the heart shaped fruit even bleeds.

  3. Another example of a company brave – and smart! – enough to realize that sometimes the risk of doing something outside the box in your industry is the very thing that’s needed to distinguish yourself, educate your audience and succeed. The POM bottle is undeniably distinctive, even from a considerable distance.

  4. Biomimicry. Tho you never see two pomegranates right on top of each other in the store. Culturally, when a woman presents a man with a pomegranate … In short, it is regarded as a love symbol. Antioxidants never had it so good! It is easy to tell when I take my half and leave the other half+ for my wife. Subliminally sexy … put a bottle on your partner’s nightstand and see if it has the same effect!

  5. Hi, I enjoy the juice immensely.My friend buys the juice at an IGA in Enderby, BC and gets it in a reusable drinking jar
    I am trying to find some, can you tell me where to get them in Surrey, BC?
    Thank you ,

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