Apple Computer Mouse

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  1. The mouse, a revolutionary limb that enabled human mind to penetrate the territory of computing world. It gave our mind mobility to move to any direction in this virtual new world. It’s cursor is almost our “primitive” clone in this parallel universe, that goes to places, switches things off on, pushes, hold, drags, have conversations, fails, sleeps, and more important it evolves.

  2. I don’t know if the mouse is an anchor. Of course, Apple didn’t invent it; the patent ran out before they were the ones to make it popular. And yet, despite the number of years this design has been around, very little has changed in how we use it. In that time a lot has changed in computing, and it now seems the on-off buttons, one-way-interaction that the mouse provides is hitting it’s limits of usefulness. “Good is the enemy of great?”

  3. In stark contrast to the sleek, sexiness of current Apple designs, this semi-industrial block helped usher in a new era of computing that, measured in computer-time, has lasted for generations. Only now, with the advent of usable touch-technologies, is the mouse even at risk. But for all its ground-breaking usefulness, I’ll never forget the challenge it posed novice computer users who would drag it off the table, keeping it on plane in mid-air, then wondering what to do next. Or the one poor lady who extended it to the table edge, paused quizzically, then placed her free arm underneath it before rolling it onto her hand and up her arm. Those were the good ole days.

  4. Used to be the pen, now the mouse is “mightier than the ______” [fill-in-the-blank]. Especially when NORAD programs drones.

    This is an early Apple product and has evolved significantly after Steve Kaneko at Microsoft went organic with it to render it ergonomic. A good score for MS.

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