Leica M3 Rangefinder Camera

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  1. Oh, yeah, right, as if I’ve ever been able to use one of those. Gosh, wonder why there aren’t any comments about it? On the one hand maybe because nobody can afford it. On the other hand, I’d expect there to be enough snobs who can afford it to have posted here already.

    I always liked this article in terms of How To Convey The Feeling, Which I’ve Never Had The Luxury Of Experiencing Myself:


    I do want one. But I could never justify the expense or buying it, let alone keeping it maintained. So I end up with a collection of FEDs and Canons and such ilk. Which all sorta also need repair… d’oh.

  2. Andre Kertesz comes to mind and his sublime compositions with his Leica. It’s a camera you can make a name for yourself with.

  3. the m3 provides gorgeous, saturated chromes, that are pin sharp. love the rangefinder focusing. dead on. i’ve wanted one for twenty years, and have had the pleasure of shooting with one for a year. they are amazing.

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