Motorola RAZR V3

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  1. The Motorola RAZR ushered in an era where mobile phones were welcomed into men’s pants pockets. The belt buckle accessory is no longer an essential accessory purchase. Unfortunately, with the slimmer profile came flat keys that made it tougher to enter a number.

  2. It’s great to have a slim, mostly invisible phone in your pocket when you’re walking around. No awkward bulge, no restriction on your pants, no discomfort when you’re active. It’s just too bad they didn’t spend as much time thinking about making it as nice to use as it is to carry around.

  3. While it has grown to be a symbol, it has also grown to be one of those things-you-get-because-its-cool, only to realize it has the same functionality as any other phone

  4. The RAZR deflected the industrial design world when it came out. But ultimately it suffered from inattention to the the user interface, where the customer spends the majority of their time with the product.

  5. The RAZR was the cell phone that convinced me to finally join the mobile revolution. The user interface is somewhat disappointing, but the excellent industrial design may make up for it. The innovative buttons are stamped from a single sheet of metal. It’s slim but not small and it’s angular lines are subtle and masculine.

  6. Overall look and concept is quite pleasing but the actual use is not as it is difficult to feel one’s way around the keypad. They also tend to emit a malodorous smell after a few months. Something to do with the inner plastics I believe.

  7. This phone was the demise of Motorola as a cell phone company. One of the greatest cell phone designs ever, As a RAZR owner and designer, i think it is just as relevant in the cell phone marked as the day it was released. Motorola simply designed a phone that they cannot improve.

  8. The phone hit Bangladesh so hard that, at that time, everyone had to have a RAZR grabbed at their hands, been seen widely across streets, shopping malls, etc. everywhere on peoples hands. However, after the RAZR II launch, Motorola suddenly disappeared from Bangladesh. :'( I LOVE MOTORAZR! :'(

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