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  1. At first, I thought, ugly, uncomfortable, tacky, NOT buying into this fad.. Until, mom bought Owen a pair. He LOVED them! They were Cookie Monster blue. Sadly, we lost them on the beaches of Mexico.

    So.. We bought some black, knock-off Sketcher versions. They made his feet stink. And the strap broke after two weeks.

  2. Fugly.
    I had a math professor that wore them in the dead of winter, through the snow. Now that’s devotion.

  3. Love em or hate em, these babies have really taken off big time. Everyone in our family has at least one pair – but the strap breaking thing is a common defect. And the look? Kind of like Dutch clogs, only lighter. Dutch Light to be precise. I might have to trademark that – DutchLite™… the shoe for the Whole Land (Holland… get it?) You saw it here first people.

  4. I second the “please don’t wear them on the streets” comment. Great for gardening, or slipping on to go grab the mail. But one should no leave ones property with these things on. I was amazed to see nearly everyone (Doctors/Nurses) at the hospital wearing them in the ER during a recent visit. Something about the holes in the top, and blood or other bodily fluids being ever present made me cringe at the possible doom that lie ahead.

  5. Hey, say what you want. I wear them to work, I wear them on the streets…and around here, people LOVE them…Don’t like ’em, don’t look. Also, be polite. Keep your face to yourself if you see ME wearing them. I love ’em. Do I make a face at your heels? UGH! Talk about uncomfortable….

  6. Probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned but I still won’t wear them out of the house, I do however wear them as slippers around the house.

  7. In my family of 5, each of us owns at least one pair. My daughter and husband each 2 and I own 4 pair. Yes, they’re pretty ugly, but very comfortable. Having said that, after wearing them almost every day for a school year, I started developing pain in my heels, akin to plantar faciitis. Not claiming that they’re related, but….. I still wear them, but not daily as my feet can’t take it. The husband wears them as slippers (the winter lined ones). (oh before crocs, I was a birkenstock only girl)

    I do like the fact that they recycle donated pairs to make shoes for people who would otherwise have nothing to wear on their feet.

  8. I still keep wondering why people like this ugly shoes. Sorry, but I do find them ugly. They are shapeless. I cannot find them very useful in the garden because most of them have holes so the soil will get in, your feet will get wet. I don’t own a pair, but my brother did and liked them as well. I also think that feet will sweat in plastic shoes.
    I might need to buy a pair to make fair assessment :).

  9. They’re ugly or not in the way that a Citroen 2CV is ugly or not. They have character and colour that most other shoes lack. They are really comfy and great for loafing around the house or in the garden. I do wear them outside in summer and in winter I sometimes nip to the bakery in them. Sorry.

    The best thing about them is being able to chuck them in the washing machine and they come out like new. I sometimes take a shower in them to clean them in summer too.

    One more thing, if you’re walking in country a bit or by the beach, they’re great for walking in a river or in the sea.

  10. My wife does not adhere to my unflappable sense of aesthetics, but even I was surprised at her unflagging loyalty to this growing collection of abysmally-styled plastic clogs. Only after her seventh pair, and her amazing endurance with my endless string of snarky comments, did I try them. And you know what, they were comfortable, durable, and certifiably wearable — they’ve even grown more stylish — with multiple pairs adorning my feet and closet. Another rare example of function succeeding despite (early) form.

  11. What makes Crocs so popular? I feel like it is the kind of shoe that could only go through a hit or miss cycle, and had it been a miss we might have not seen Crocs 8 months or so after the first was spotted. I wonder if their path can be tracked anything like Hush Puppies were in Gladwell’s Tipping Point book. Devoted crowd turned all the rage for everyone else? Shopping mall boutique style business model? Who knows.

  12. Crocs is a product – especially a shoe product! – that has succeeded in spite of, not because of, its aesthetic. A very rare happening indeed. There has to be something exceptional about a shoe when it’s as unattractive as Crocs are and people are willing to overlook the fact that they’re large, clunky, ugly plastic shoes often made in loud, unflattering colors.

  13. I never thought I would succumb to wearing a molded pair of shoes. I bought the “Mary Jane” style when I was planning a trip to a place that I knew I needed shoes that I didn’t care about saving. I planned to throw them away when done. I actually received compliments on them. Hahaha. They are a quick, comfortable slip on, great for trips to dirty places because they clean off so well. No arch support though.

  14. I wore these for gardening and now have the lasting legacy of a bougainvillea thorn in my foot, which the doctor was unable to remove.

    The thorn went straight through the rubber sole and deep into my foot, breaking off at the point of entry through my skin. The crocs along with part of the broken thorn, embedded in the sole, went straight into the bin.

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