Nokia 5400 Mobile Phone

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  1. Because I started with Nokias I tend to stick with them, but I have to say that, for me, anybody who makes a phone where they keypad is not a basic simple bog-standard 3×4 grid is an /expletive/. This one in particular is patently offensive: I don’t want an ergo-grip dildo pressed up against my ear, I want a functional and simple cell phone.

    The Nokia 8210 was, by contrast, the shazbat shiznit.

  2. Usability looks disastrous (aberrant grouping of keys, etc.). A general comment about mobile devices’ keyboards: nowadays, we use them to enter letters, not digits. I mean, most of the time, you press a key to enter one of the three letters, not the digit. In spite of this, the digit remains much more readable than letters, which are kept tiny. Preference over performance, I guess? Still…

  3. the form factor is wonky but it is waterproof so i’m sure that played a role in it’s akwardness. i think if you look down the middle of the phone you see a dragon fly/angel. would buy again a +++

  4. Nokia has made some great handsets in their time – this aint one of them. why not choose some of their great products like the 3310, 6300, 8810, 8210, 6310, 8890, 8800?

  5. im proud to say i had this cellphone, like 8 years ago, i loved it!!!!! i realle was waterproof, had a light a compass and it came with an arm-band, yes it was difficult texting with it but still lovely!!!!

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