Eames LCW Chair

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  1. Another work of art for Ray and Chalres Eames. This chair made from thin sheets of wood veneer formed under heat and pressure. the design made from hard materials gives such a soft appearance with its sculpted seat and back to fit the contours of the body.
    Whenever I sit on this, it is so comfortable, more comfortable than a cushioned chair. This also has a dining chair version and if you have it in your dining room, your guests might never leave.
    This is another Eames piece that you can keep and treasure for a lifetime.

  2. Quite comfortable if you want to lean back and relax. Beware of using it situations when you would need to lean forward, though. Makes any forward motion difficult. One keeps sliding back on the veneered surface back into that leaning back body position.

  3. Our Design Department director had one in his office until the day he interviewed a prospective student, a 300-lb. lineman from an Eastern Washington high-school football team.

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