Oakley THUMP 2 MP3 Sunglasses

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  1. who knew being cool could look so bad. these would have been the perfect accessory to my plastic toy gun when i was seven. i would have been the baddest kid in the battle fooling everyone that my goggles were capable of night vision capabilities.

  2. Some people love em, some people don’t like em.

    I happen to really like my Oakley Thumps.

    This product was unique in that for the first time, someone broke the metaphor pioneered by the Sony Walkman … namely a box that clips somewhere and is tethered to a set of headphones.

    The Thumps are solid state, comfortable, and stylish.

    My only complaint concerns the original Oakley Thumps, not the ones above. Over time, sweat would seep through the tiny screws that held the Thump assembly together, and eventually the Thumps would stop working. I went through two of them before I used clear nail polish to seal those screws so that salty moisture cannot get into the screws or corrode them.

    Now that this problem has been fixed, I still use my original model Thumps, but looking forward to getting a newer model eventually.

    I wear them when cycling, running at night (with yellow lenses), and weight lifting, and it doesn’t hurt that Lance Armstrong would wear them too back in the day.

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