Yamaha Silent Cello

4 Replies to “Yamaha Silent Cello”

  1. What do I think of this product? Synthesized music has come a long way. However innovative this product appears, it still doesn’t have the beauty of voluptuous carved wood cello with its own built in sound chamber.

  2. Feels unnatural, sounds like a bass guitar, and has long decay, other than that, its really sexy… like dating a dye-job blonde with false eye-lashes, nails, and … nice on your arm but you wouldn’t want to … go to a Vivaldi concerto with it/her … sshhhhh

  3. Beautiful, elegant. You can immediately see what it is, and the empty space beautifully conveys that this is modern, electric, and makes a nice visual metaphor for it’s silent performance. The viewer literally fills in the gaps and knows what it is intuitively.

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