Vicks Forehead Thermometer

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  1. I have not used this product yet. Among the portables, I have used the Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer. In terms of design and accuracy of my readings, I was happy. I did wish it to be a little smaller than it was.

    In thermometer readings, the most accurate ones are those that are obtained by mouth (oral) and bottom (rectal). The next ones , in terms of accuracy are readings done through the ears. The least accurate reading are those that are done through the skin.

    However, the great potential in this product lies in its non-invasiveness. All those other known accurate thermometers are quite invasive.

    This product potentially has better ergonomics—portable, small, and as easy as placing the hand on the forehead but with definitely more accurate readings than the hand. If the accuracy of readings can be guaranteed in spite of it being done through the skin (over the temporal artery), then this could potentially be top among the portables.

    I am making a mental note to definitely hold one in my hand and try using one one of these days.

  2. Highly evolved, non-invasive, global design. Using red, yellow, green for zoning the readout, the Vicks thermometer instantly alleviates or alerts and eliminates the anxiety ridden approach to reading and re-reading traditional mercury meters with the accompanying shakedown.

    It also leapfrogs electronic meters by being able to take temps while someone is sleeping without prodding or probing ears, armpits, etc.

    Recalling 12 readings helps in diagnosing the trend of the illness. Kaz Inc. designers are to be congratulated … and now to make them affordable.

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