Method Icon Dish Soap Bottle

3 Replies to “Method Icon Dish Soap Bottle”

  1. I want to talk to this bottle. I’m curious where his mouth will open when he responds. I imagine it is very tiny in the middle of his bulbous head that is filled with knowledge of being clean.

  2. I think it is stupid because it isn’t anything super useful to me; I’d much rather have a regular old pump dispenser. BUT, on the other hand, I get the feeling that the Method folks were raking in the money judging by how lots of friends bought that stuff, so they sure are smart in the end?!

  3. I remember this bottle when it first came out (late 80s early 90s). It immediately cought my eye – both design and soap color, which made me test the scent, and then buy it. *Kudos to the designer* Another great feature was the self closing hole at the bottom – you simply squeezed the bottle and the soap came out the bottom into your dish sink – a nice feature that eliminated the need for 2 hands to open the cap, then squeeze/pour your dishsoap. The only problem was, sometimes it would leak a little, which I think is probably why Method retired the bottle.

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