About the Authors: William Lidwell and Gerry Manacsa

William Lidwell
Will writes, speaks, and consults on matters of design and engineering psychology. He is particularly interested in cross-disciplinary design and the means by which organizations achieve and institutionalize innovation. Will is a Lecturer of Industrial Design at the University of Houston and author of Universal Principles of Design (Rockport), Guidelines for Excellence in Management (South-Western), and is a frequent contributor to popular design magazines and journals. He lives and works out of his studio in Houston, Texas. Follow Will on Twitter.

Gerry is a designer, multimedia artist and technologist living in Dayton, Ohio. He broke ground with mixed-media storytelling in the early days of the web, anticipating the rise of blogs, photo sharing and social media with a personal multimedia journal that ran for over a decade. As the web matured, he went on to explore applications for geographically-dispersed workgroups, online learning, and the emerging transition to digital books. Today, he continues to trek through technology’s ragged edges, seeking the useful or the fun and applying them to wide-ranging challenges in design and creativity. In his off hours, Gerry is a photographer and explorer, busy traveling the world with his wife, Karina, and their scruffy pup, Giles.

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