Tickle Me Elmo

6 Replies to “Tickle Me Elmo”

  1. While surely a great toy for children and reminiscent adults alike, its release, a cutthroat, immature battle for the toy ensued, making it a victim of consumerism and greed

  2. When I was 19, my friend and I spent a summer working and traveling around America. Her Boyfriend had given her a tickle me elmo which she had in in her backpack. We boarded a train in Philadelphia and were feeling a little intimidated as it was very crowded, we edged into a seat and as we sat down the elmo began vibrating and laughing from inside the backpack. As you can imagine we got some very strange looks!!!

  3. Seems like a harmless fuzzy robotic Elmo, until he stands up and whacks the 18mo old in the face. The kids sure love him. A little too frantic.

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