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Tickle Me Elmo

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  1. The perfect gift to give someone else’s kids!

  2. While surely a great toy for children and reminiscent adults alike, its release, a cutthroat, immature battle for the toy ensued, making it a victim of consumerism and greed

  3. When I was 19, my friend and I spent a summer working and traveling around America. Her Boyfriend had given her a tickle me elmo which she had in in her backpack. We boarded a train in Philadelphia and were feeling a little intimidated as it was very crowded, we edged into a seat and as we sat down the elmo began vibrating and laughing from inside the backpack. As you can imagine we got some very strange looks!!!

  4. Kids and adults will all laugh when Elmo does. Something to keep out the duldrums!

  5. hated that my daughter got one when she was crazy about elmo (age 2) and couldn’t wait to donate it to a charitable group

  6. Seems like a harmless fuzzy robotic Elmo, until he stands up and whacks the 18mo old in the face. The kids sure love him. A little too frantic.