Nikon F 35mm SLR

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  1. The days of yore when a photographer was a photographer and not a camera holder. Thinking in f-stops and “depth of field” as a conscious process … and the mysterium of waiting to get your film back from the lab, adjusting your intuition for future reference … brain growth and memory … serious photo students should spend an intimate year with one.

  2. The bayonet lens mount was the key for me. A beautiful design that made life easy for a photographer scrambling to quickly change lenses under duress, and that at the same time, secured lock and key system advantages for Nikon. Brilliant! I still use Nikons today, largely because of my ongoing and systematic investment in their lenses.

  3. I really admire this camera from a distance. I know it’s a legendary machine, however the only camera that I really bonded with was the Olympus OM-1/2, etc. That was a camera that I had a synergistic relationship with. It simply felt good in the hands. I always thought Canon & Nikon were on the big & clunky side and I think this even more today with the pro level Canon digital cameras that seem enormous & over the top with a million buttons on them.

    I’m becoming somewhat lukewarm with digital cameras, at first I thought they were amazing, but I’m now becoming more interested in film again. It seems like the real deal & doesn’t require a computer upgrade, camera upgrade & a lot of other nonsense.

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