Crescent Adjustable Wrench

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  1. Classic design. Pure performance. The simplicity of function of the Adjustable Crescent Wrench is amazing. No instructions necessary; Even I can use it.

    This product reaches beyond a mere tool for me. It becomes a piece of Americana. It represents the working class man (or woman) and an era when people worked hard to build the society that we all claim.

  2. When working with my dad while growing up on our cars, or household projects, I always thought that this was the solution to anything that could be twisted. I didn’t see a point in having a huge box of sockets and wrenches when you could turn to the wrench for every nut.

  3. a “must have” tool for a girl’s toolbox arsenal. It can almost do it all. Of course it tightens and loosens anything — big or small. It can also fit in HER hand and can be adjusted with ease (no crazy man-handling torque).
    What’s UNEXPECTED about its uses is that it can be a hammer in a pinch. What guy wouldn’t be impressed to hear her call it by its proper name and know its intended use (never mind that she used it the night before as a hammer to nail down a loose door threshold). It’s in the way that you use it. It has durability. It’s got bling (shiney silver — always).
    It is the must have tool — that, and the little black dress can go a long way.

  4. We call this the adjustable spanner in our neck of the woods. It tightens, it loosens, it’s adjustable. No nonsense, does what it’s meant to and does it well. Good job. Enough said really.

  5. I’m a single dad living with my two toddlers and so I generally fix stuff myself. I use my crescent wrench so often that I keep it on top of the fridge for everything from loose “this” to a gotta unscrew “that.” It also performs well when attempting to incapacitate an intruder.

  6. I haven’t used the Crescent adjustable wrench specifically, but with adjustable wrenches, I have commonly seen some pretty shoddy, tight gearing that required a good amount of effort to adjust to the load.

    I’m a mechanical engineer. I can tell you these things are for small every day uses, but fail at the industry level where bolts, nuts can be small, in areas difficult to access or some of them can be tightened to extreme torques. In all these cases, I find a box wrench or ratchet socket wrench to be far superior in terms of the solid, all-around, grip they would have around the nut or bolt to be worked on.

    Just somethings from my experience.

  7. I think I’m with Ron.

    These things mostly tend to kinda freaking suck; I don’t understand how people can claim they are so great when there are way better tools out there. I’d really rather /not/ have to deal with something that gets too loose and just strips nuts. The tools which put force on the flat side rather than the edges are way better.

    OK, OK, having said that, yes, if you have nothing else better then sure I’d rather use the adjustable wrench than, say, my teeth.

  8. We like our shiny things … but after all these years, I still goof up on whether or not I’m turning the gear in the right direction … Persistence of Trial-and-Error … a subject for a surrealist painter featuring melting wrenches.

  9. The proper name for this tool isn’t “adjustable wrench”, it’s “nut rounder”. They’re terrible tools, and I hate them. There’s no way, even on the quality ones, to avoid some give in the gearing, which means even the best ones spread slightly, and turn on the corners of the nut instead of the flat planes. This rounds the nut and destroys whatever you’re working on — plus, now you can’t get that nut off.

    Use a proper wrench sized to fit your nut.

  10. When I was young I worked as an apprentice motorcycle mechanic under Wilhelm, a German who had been part of the NSU motorcycle team that set a world record at Bonneville.

    Every time he saw me with a Crescent wrench in my hand he would throw something at me, usually any wrench he had in his hand at the time. I told him he was going to kill me one day doing that. He said he didn’t care as long as it saved one nut from being rounded off.

    I have a few crescent wrenches in my tool kit but they are seldom used and then not before I look around for flying objects.

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