Palm Pilot 5000

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  1. Classic example of offering minimal set of key features while also opening up the operating system to third party partners, allowing them to develop vertically focused applications. This, and “pocketability” were keys to the Palm Pilot’s success over other devices like the Apple Newton. IDEO worked with 3Com on the Palm V to bring to bring the offering to a higher level of commercial success by designing a more sleek lifestyle product with broader appeal.

  2. Haven’t needed one since I scaled back my volunteering. But if your schedule is hectic and there are lots of notes to be taken… this is your ticket. I once wrote an entire speech on an airplane with one. If I needed one again, I would look for something with even better battery life.

  3. I think the Pilot divided the world into 2 parts: those who loved it, and those who thought it was electronic masturbation akin to how people have their bluetooth earphones on all the time trying to look all hip and important and stuff. **I MIGHT GET A CALL FROM THE PRESIDENT AT *ANY* *SECOND* *NOW*** shyeah right, bite me. Where was I? Oh, right, maybe into 3 parts: the 3rd being the 99% of the world that has never heard of it and can’t bloody afford it.

    But, hey, if it works for you, who am I to stop you? And, hey, I don’t have to stop you since Palm managed to totally snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over the years, and you are most likely using a Blackberry or an iPhone now. ha ha. I mean, who on Earth besides the lawyers at Palm and Xerox would ever want to have to learn Graffiti 2?

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