Gehry Wiggle Chair

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  1. Can you imagine that this chair is made from layers of cardboard?
    I have actually sat on one. It looks like it would break, but it won’t. It is a work of art but I probably will recommend it only for someone who wants to have a showpiece.
    Too modern for my taste.

  2. My first exposure to this chair was in a Philadelphia furniture gallery in which we were privileged enough to be invited to sit on anything and everything in the store. The first reaction of most was to appreciate the shape from afar. It is graceful and fluid, though it appears somewhat off balance, like a falling bit of ribbon frozen in time. Obviously an art piece. Upon closer inspection you find that this curvy thing is actually made out of a traditionally straight and traditionally square packing material. Dare I say, it is the quintessential “out of the box” chair… And art or not, it is surprisingly comfortable and very sturdy with just a bit of spring and give, though it is a bit cruel on the back of the legs when wearing shorts. The corrugated cardboard provides exceptional strength, light weight, and the environmental/cultural benefit of recycled materials. And I have to assume that the feline members of the family would absolutely adore it.

  3. I ran across some product literature from when these were new (can’t find it now, of course). I seem to remember that the entire cardboard line was pretty inexpensive, even after accounting for inflation. Something like $40? Frank probably cut them out by hand.

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