Fiskars O Series Scissors

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  1. I like Fiskars Softouch scissors better (still going strong after 17 years) because it fits so many users well, e.g., those with arthritis as well as left-handers. It’s a great example of universal design. OTOH, the less-expensive O Series represents another in a wide range of choices Fiskars offers. And my (right) hand fits it well.

  2. The Fiskars O Series represents one of my first forays into Ergonomics. As a teenager, I purchased a pair as a present for my mother, who spent a lot of time sewing and was experiencing pain using her existing scissors. The handle design reduced her pain and increased the pleasure she received from practicing her craft.

  3. These were definitely my go to scissors when I was in art school. Really like how the holes were different sizes so there was no confusion on how you were to hold them. Only improvement I could think of is if the metal could some how be resistant to sticky substances that tend to build up on the inside of the blades. Overall though very durable.

  4. I was totally devoted to mine until I met the Fiskars craft shears and a pair of Gingher 8″ featherweights.

    Nice to have an array to choose from when running.

    Fiskars brand has shifted and I appreciate them even more for their garden tools.

    Build on your success!

  5. Working well for me after years of cutting everything from fiberglass cloth to wood veneer. Plus the little sharpener works great!

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