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Swatch GK 100 Jellyfish Watch

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  1. Swatch was one of my favorite products as a teen. I never wore a watch when I was younger. Most of the other guys in class had a Casio digital watch. Some were fancier than others and even had a calculator. But that wasn’t me. I could never find a watch that made me smile. Until one day wandering thru the mall in sixth grade, i spied the Swatch Jellyfish watch. I admired it so. It was fresh and young, but classically Swiss, showing the inner workings and craftsmanship of the time piece.

    Of course, I opted for the neo-punk cousin of the clear Jellyfish and got the one with the smokey colored bands and green neon translucent face.

  2. No “stinging” critique here … has a top-notch “coolness” factor.

    Both houses of the U.S. Congress should wear this watch to remind them of the “new transparency in government” promised by the current White House occupant.

    I miss my Pepsi ‘Clear’ …

  3. Hi
    I have had my jellyfish for over twenty years and it’s starting to show its age. The strap has gone a bit yellow, but it still keeps perfect time. I’d love to get another one, but can’t find a supplier on the net that has one for less than £100. I’m especially looking for one with yellow, red and blue hands, but would settle for the later version with black hands. Anyone know of a supplier at a more reasonable price?


  4. You should check out the Bulova Accutron Spaceview series. Those are the original transparent watches, from the sixties. Some of them are really beautiful. Others, well, aren’t.


    All the best.