Swatch GK 100 Jellyfish Watch

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  1. Swatch was one of my favorite products as a teen. I never wore a watch when I was younger. Most of the other guys in class had a Casio digital watch. Some were fancier than others and even had a calculator. But that wasn’t me. I could never find a watch that made me smile. Until one day wandering thru the mall in sixth grade, i spied the Swatch Jellyfish watch. I admired it so. It was fresh and young, but classically Swiss, showing the inner workings and craftsmanship of the time piece.

    Of course, I opted for the neo-punk cousin of the clear Jellyfish and got the one with the smokey colored bands and green neon translucent face.

  2. No “stinging” critique here … has a top-notch “coolness” factor.

    Both houses of the U.S. Congress should wear this watch to remind them of the “new transparency in government” promised by the current White House occupant.

    I miss my Pepsi ‘Clear’ …

  3. Hi
    I have had my jellyfish for over twenty years and it’s starting to show its age. The strap has gone a bit yellow, but it still keeps perfect time. I’d love to get another one, but can’t find a supplier on the net that has one for less than £100. I’m especially looking for one with yellow, red and blue hands, but would settle for the later version with black hands. Anyone know of a supplier at a more reasonable price?


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