KitchenAid Model K Stand Mixer

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  1. This is a USA-centric list. The Kenwood mixer, designed by Kenneth Grange, is so sleek in comparison – and is also a fantastic kitchen tool that works brilliantly.

  2. Lovely, but there’s nothing like the challenge of trying to control your batter, your bowl, and you hand mixer all at once.

  3. They come in all kinds of swanky colors to fit the decor of your home. You’re proud to own one and people treat them as heirlooms. They are one of the most popular gifts at bridal showers — whether they actually use them is a whole other story. It’s like a bragging right to have one. I like that it’s hands-free and you’re actually proud to display it rather than throwing it into some cupboard. There are numerous attachments to tap into your culinary prowess. What girl wouldn’t want one — the trouble is….picking out the color

  4. Pretty
    Looks durable
    Hands free
    I want one
    Can be used as a display item in the kitchen
    Looks simple

  5. We got one as a wedding gift. It works, for the most part. We even got the meat grinder / sausage stuffer attachments and have made real home-made sausage, with pig intestine casing and all that jazz. Ours sometimes gets the un/lock handle stuck and you have to futz with it, and sometimes when working on some stiff batter it seems like it is about to tear itself apart, and also I’ve always been scared that it probably doesn’t auto-turn-off if you throw the lock lever to ‘unlock’… but having said all that it is something we do enjoy using.

    Mmm, dough.

  6. Low-carb low-meat diets might repurpose these from the nostalgic times of Betty Crocker and the Pillsbury Dough Boy to mixing up quantities of quinoa tabouli and homemade resveratrol.

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