Stanley Bostitch HurriQuake Nail

3 Replies to “Stanley Bostitch HurriQuake Nail”

  1. Ever tried pulling one of these out? They do what a nail is intended to do — drive in and stay put. Beautiful.

  2. Anything Stanley makes is pretty darn reliable — if you put this nail in — uh, it ain’t ever coming out — you better be willing to put up a fight

  3. At a length of 2-1/2″ x .131D, you get 4000 of these for about $60.00 … you can call them 1-1/2 penny nails … 🙂

    They should be rated by a Richter Scale derivative standard …
    “the 7.2/3 minute nail”

    Designers! … get to work on a HurriQuake nail extractor.

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