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Braun SM31

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  1. A joke, attributed to Stephen Bayley:

    Design buff goes into Boots the Chemist and asks ‘Do you have any Braun shavers?’

    ‘Sorry’, replies the shop assistant, ‘we only have them in black’.

  2. Electric razors always seem to tear the hairs out. No matter how “smooth” of an experience they may offer. I prefer the traditional straight razor.

  3. While everything is in a nice, tidy sleek package here, this product seems to be good only to the point of mere maintenance of the clean shaven look, and not to cut down from an Osama Bin Ladin like stubble.

    This is not a replacement for an actual razer. However, if you have a business meeting and you’re grooming yourself on-the-go, its not a bad choice. Just remember to charge it!