Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pen

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  1. it is a long time that the brand of Bic is being used in Iran. When I look back to the time of elementary school I remember that most of the teachers had it in their bags and they always used it to give marks and evaluate papers of the class exams. So I always envy my teachers and tried to have one of those glassy look in my hand. at that time it was amazing for me to see something clear crystal that does not break or crack.
    I would say that I so much trust in this pen, because I see it firm and powerful in writing. I find it properly fit with my hands. its crystal transparent body always made me to trust in the Bic pen. and I guess Bic is one of the best in practice. If i wanted to write some text to be written neatly and to be read clearly, with sharp, bold and deep handwriting, I had always used Bic pen if it has been among other pens.

  2. This has always been my writing utensil of choice. Always blue (hey, I’m allowed to have a preference). It’s reliable. It’s timeless. It’s cheap (monetarily speaking). It takes a beating, what with being chewed on, banged around like a drumstick, fire being held to it’s tip to make the ink flow when it might seem dried up. It’s design is simple. The outer shell is clear which allows you to see how much ink is left. How much cooler can a simple pen get? It’s Bic — and it’s always blue

  3. I’ve always wondered how they managed to get the perfect amount of drag on the tip. It’s better than all the $20 pens I’ve ever tried. I would love it if Bic would make the refill compatible with all the other pens.

  4. What a concept…a disposable pen. Like the disposable razor, this was, at its inception, a novel idea…and one that took alot of getting used to. But has any product ever been so simple in design…and lasted so long/worked so well/been embraced by so many people in so many places? It’s been imitated, but never successfully. It works whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, a lefty or a righty, someone who prints or writes in cursive. They never seem to run out…but if they do…you’re able to see the empty ink barrel before you’re left pen-less. I like the black and the red. But I love the blue!! I love the smell of the ink, the taste of the plastic if you’re a chewer, and the look if the printed (or in my case scripted) word!

  5. This is perhaps the most popular and utilitarian writing device invented after the pencil. I remember as a kid how I even like the curvy design of the cap. Infact, I even used it as a toy, pretending it was a Star-Wars battle ship.

    But I must say that it was the most pathetic sight seeing a chewn off, or broken ball point pen lying on the ground. In fact, the plastic body was so fragile that it would crack if someone accidentally stepped on your pen while its on the floor.

    Even if one lost its cap prematurely (before the pen’s life was over), it somehow magically lost all its glamour and appeared ‘naked’, if you know what I mean. And in that case, it wasn’t very safe to put into a pocket without inking your clothes somehow.

    I’m also aware of leakage issues on the pen. God, it looked ugly and was useless.

    Lastly, I’m not aware of the type of chemical they used in the ink, but in some range of temperatures, they would solidify. And you had to shake it repeatedly to get it to work.

  6. This pen has ridges. The ridge cuts into you finger if you have a tendency to hold the pen strongly.
    Transparency is nice – good feedback about the ink

  7. OK, another thing that was maybe awesome when it was one of the first ones out of the gate, but now… not only is it completely un-ecologically-sound, the ink also kinda sucks when compared to the Pilot BP-S; the BiC [sic!] always seemed to get all grungy gross and wad up and just sorta be ikky and untidy.

  8. It doesn’t roll off the table. I can chew the cap. It reminds me of highschool. Nostalgic.

  9. I use Parker 51’s, Pelikan 600’s, since I love fountain pens. I still love using Bic Crystals. There is something absolutely right about them. A really excellent product.

    I make an effort never to lose mine, & use all the ink in them.

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