Motorola StarTAC Mobile Phone

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  1. Back in the analog phone days for me, this is only second to Nokia 100 during its time. Equal to Nokia 100 in terms of its contribution to simplicity for the user. And, better than Nokia 100 in terms of size. Nokia 100 looks like a school bus and this is a sweet sexy Miata when placed side by side each other. What I liked best about it apart from size is its nifty industrial (?) surface, light weight, easy flip design, and the smart little ear receptacle.

    As with most mobile phones during those days, its battery life is a party-pooper.

  2. this was my first analog phone… I never liked it… I never understood how it worked… the batteries would disconnect all the time and the phone would simply shut off… but I remember how impressive it was: it was so increadibly small!

  3. This was my first mobile phone. I haven’t had one since with a keypad as easy to read and use. But the design gave new meaning to the term “clamshell”; one had to be careful to maintain long fingernails – or carry a screwdriver. The camelback battery location seemed vaguely comical to me – as if the design had been completed and someone said, “Wait, we forgot the battery!”

  4. Other than the fact that it is a flip phone, which is a fundamentally bad ugly design approach that triggers my “core disgust” feelings, it sure was a stunningly iconographically cool thing or its time.

  5. motorola’ s designs are the worst designs of the world i never liked any model of , at 1997 this product design was 1150 dollars in Turkey oh my god!.. good money..

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