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Bialetti Moka Express

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  1. As Italian as pizza, espresso, Da Vinci, and the Pope.
    It might as well appear on the Italian flag.

  2. Starbucks technology for home use.

  3. Every home in Italy relies on them. The design is simple, effective and brews a mean espresso. The name Bialetti or Moka is used as a descriptive term beyond the brand. Italians don’t look for an espresso maker, they go get a Moka for a housewarming gift. The same as we often go “Xerox” something when we want to make a copy of a document.

  4. I do love mine, and I don’t think it is just some justification / dealing with cognitive dissonance of making a bad purchase or anything. Really. 🙂 They are simple and nice and just work, and are very aesthetically fun to use. I don’t drink coffee of any sort much any more, but just looking at this thing (or a French Press) makes me all “mmm, I should make myself some decaf!”

  5. Clearly the design brainchild of the Tin Man — I bet you even have to oil the hinge on the lid. Seriously though, I’m not a coffee or an espresso drinker, but the design is distinctive and the functionality clear. The fact that users consistently comment on the strong association of this product with the act of making and drinking coffee is a testament to its success as a product design. Were one to change anything — even adding colors — it would only erode the effectiveness of the product branding.

  6. Brilliant, never fails (until washer gets old) but the stainless steel version accepts the use of our hard water much better than the aluminum model. I didn’t like the shape of the original design at first but after using it, it makes sense as the flats on the side are easier to grip, the handle is strangely ergonomic and after a while you can see the fun, kind of carousel-look in its design.