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Target ClearRX Bottle

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  1. Brilliant. It is about time someone rethought the Rx bottle. You can clearly read on the flat panel display, all appropriate information clearly without having to circle around a cylinder. They’ve even included more in-depth details hidden in a pouch in back label.

    Of course my favorite part is the foam rings that go around the cap. These help you quickly identify whose meds are whose. Or if you’re a pill lover you can easily categorize your meds with a rainbow of colors.

  2. …I’ve never see these! I may have to start going to Target for my drugs. Seriously.

  3. Experience/interaction design at its critical best! This bottle design communicates in straightforward journalistic fashion – Who/Whom, What, When, How, and the Where – shelf of a medicine cabinet or standing in a drawer – creates order where fumbling used to prevail.