Sony Walkman TPS-L2

3 Replies to “Sony Walkman TPS-L2”

  1. Had one. Brilliant, especial with K-Tel compilation tapes. Then Sony came out with the earbuds and Apple’s destiny was forged.

  2. Funny how Sony manages to sometimes get it all right (Walkman; their early transistor radios I guess; SPDIF; the CD; PS2) and sometimes annoyingly wrong (Beta for the home; Minidisc; Memory stick; ATRAC3 in general on any of their digital music products; PS3?). Guess that is what happens when you are a giant.

    Anybody who was a kid around that time and who had a Walkman or one of its rip-offs was in 7th Heaven, listening to their favourite tape ever over while falling asleep at night.

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