Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker

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  1. Eerily cute. Simple design concepts of positive & negative, symmetry and asymmetry in 3D form. I would love to have the ghost and phantom around for Halloween.

  2. I really like it as one looks lost and lonely without the other, bringing them together makes both them and the user feel happy.

  3. My and a flat-mate got these as a present. Now we both moved to into our own, separate houses, and each took one of the figures with us. We both have a little longing figurine in our cupboards.

  4. Because of it’s roundy cuteness and pedestrian purpose, one might easily dismiss this conjoined sculpture as a kitschy knick-knack. But part art, part social commentary, the Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker shatters the notion of what a condiment delivery device can be with a Ying-Yangian message of dichotomous unity. Yeah…okay…so it is a kitschy knick-knack, but designer Scott Henderson deserves credit for attempting to elevate the mundane through clever design.

  5. Think outside the salt-box, spice up your life!

    Doesn’t have to be hetero … Get two sets and you can have a same-salt couple … or a Kasimir Malevich Constructivist hommage w/ “White on White” (white pepper & salt) or …

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