Loewy Pencil Sharpener

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  1. My first job was working as an intern at Raymond Loewy Assoc., in 1942. One of my daily morning task assignments was to make certain that all of the pencils in Raymond’s office were sharpened to a sharp point. This shiny model was proudly displayed on his side table. But I discovered that it didn’t sharpen pencils worth a damn. I used a trusty old Boston pencil sharpener instead. My second discovery was that on following mornings I found that none of the pencils had been used (which, I surmised, spoke to the frequency with Mr. Loewy did any sketching personally).

  2. the above comment is so telling. i would love it if you had the boston pencil sharpener listed here as an item – now THAT is a pencil sharpener that i would write an ode to!

  3. If the patent rights have expired, why doesn’t someone improve on this Streamline icon and re-issue it in the marketplace? I would volunteer, but I suspect that China may have a warehouse-full ready to go.

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