Swiss Army Knife Model 1890

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  1. OK, so maybe the real original thing was actually dope, especially if you were, you know, /actually in the military/ with it. But I have always found the modern regularly-found SAK-multitooly-things to be lame if not outright bloody dangerous! Neither the blade nor any of the tools lock, for one thing: Deity only knows how many times I’ve almost had to got to the emergency room, or at least ended up swearing a blue streak, because of that. And does anybody actually still have /both/ the toothpick /and/ the tweezers, not lost?

    Maybe I’m actually just bitter because I always lost mine. So now I’m going through the whole dealing-with-cognitive-dissonance thing and saying “so I lost it, well, uh… it sucked anyway!” But even if I am, the usability issues are still valid. Seriously. :-}

  2. Limited edition elitism … only 1,893 made at $500. a throw. For people with VW Touaregs and ugly Rolex watches who take helicopter tours of the Alps and wouldn’t dream of whittling away an afternoon … and nostalgists like me who wan’t to get inside Karl Elsner’s head.

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