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Decathlon Quechua 2-Second Tent

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  1. A camp site is open to the elements and rain is a common occurence. Due to the sagging nature of the tent in the middle, I suppose with heavy rain beating down hard on the tent in that region, the tent itself could become somewhat constricted from the inside? I’m just throwing my feeling around.

    However, I do like blue color. Its fresh and a good step above the shoddy, pale green tents that make me want to puke.

  2. It would be great to adapt it to WHO and Red Cross use for emergency shelters around the world …

  3. I needed instructions to fold it back – there is a video in their website showing how to do that, a good idea is to have it in your mobile phone.
    The big round bag is just to big for backpacking, bicycle or motorcycle travel.
    Anyway, it’s a simple and intelligent solution which means great Design.