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Bang & Olufsen Beocom 2

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  1. This is certainly a rich man’s toy. 600 dollars for a piece? Sorry, I think I’ll stick with telegram.

  2. As is typical of Bang & Olufsen, the aesthetic design grabs one’s attention. Functionally, however, the Freudian mind reels with the possibilities this device offers. But let’s say I buy into it as a phone, from a design standpoint I imagine the 2×2 button layout to be rather cumbersome and its base a “square-peg-round-hole” nightmare — especially after that second glass of wine. And while it’s curved nature might actually fit nicely to my face, I see many users fighting that urge to fling it like a boomerang. Of course all that said, if you can afford this phone, your sensibilities are probably such that you wouldn’t succumb to such R-complex behaviors.