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Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera

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  1. R.I.P., you will be missed.

  2. I have one and i love it. Now i’m not able to use it anymore, because the brand Polaroid it’s over, but i still have it on my room with the same love.
    It’s the only fotograph machine that i’ve created a relation with.
    I like the fact that it’s foldable and that i have the pleasure of seeing the photo immediatly after taking it! You save so much time by doing this!
    All the buttons are really buttons – there is no touch screens ou slide buttons, it’s all very mechanical and it has a magic for that reason.

  3. It communicates its genius. I derive pleasure from occasionally opening and closing it. The patient imagination and engineering evoke higher human powers, perhaps lost to this generation. The Eames film on its develepment is a “must see” for design students.

  4. “development” typo

  5. Clunky and angular, it wasn’t the camera but the photo. Instant gratification but with a touch of artistic flair.

  6. michael guarilia

    an engineering marvel. takes photographs that look like no other. inner luminance. i have a stock pile of film. will continue using it with dedication.

  7. For those who still want to make photographs with this camera, a group is attempting to restart production of film packs…

  8. Charles Eames was commissioned by Dr. Land to make a film about the camera and Charles gave me a prototype to test. I took it on a trip to Morocco and photographed camera shy Berber women and children. when they saw the wonder of the instant photo they wanted so many that I ran out of film. Eames loved this feedback it now resides in my collection of “Good Design”.

  9. Improbably enough, the Impossible Project has succeeded in restarting the Polaroid film production lines, and they’re even experimenting with different film recipes.