iBOT 4000 Mobility System

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  1. The capabilities of this product to allow the user to rise from a seated to standing position and negotiate architectural barriers, all while maintaining perfect balance, are amazing. Now it needs to be designed so that it does all these things with less fanfare. After all, the point of assistive technologies like this is not to call attention to the technology, but to enhance the abilities and the impression of the user.

  2. I have been paralyzed for 30 years and have used an iBOT for a little over one year now. I love this chair. The Balance and Four-Wheel Drive Functions are life changing. Being eye level with a standing adult is huge. The Four-Wheel Function takes me places I’ve never been able to go to before. I believe the Stair-Climbing Function needs improvement. For me, this wheelchair is by far the best available chair currently on the market.

  3. I’m interested to buy iBOT 4000 in Italy as I do and what is the price
    ciao and thank you
    massimo del duca

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