OXO Angled Measuring Cup

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  1. OXO products are good examples of Inclusive Design (http://www.inclusivedesigntoolkit.com/betterdesign/whatis/whatis7.html). I believe that the company started with the owner wanting to design better products for his wife with Arthritis, but the resulting designs on the OXO Good-Grips range feature easy-to-grip handles that benefit all users.

    This particular design is nice in that it addresses the problem of either having to lift a measuring cup to read the level or to bend over and look at the level. The user can fill the cup to the required level easily without resorting to the aforementioned actions, thereby cutting a tedious step from the use sequence. Of course it features the easy-to-grip handle as well. A simple, elegant solution to an unmet need, with a vast increase in the quality of the user experience.

  2. I have the complete set of these measuring cups (2oz. to 4 cups) I use them frequently and I like them because I don’t have to bend down or lift them up to check the measurements.
    My daughter gave them to me for Christmas 2007, she also uses a set of them.

  3. I feel like a chemist on the verge of a breakthrough when I lift my Pyrex glass up to the windowlight … not so with these sedentary counter sitters — no shoulder exercise here. I suppose when the arthritis arrives … but not just yet.

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